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Boating Accidents

Can you believe you can get a boat license on line? As summertime swings into full force, many prairie dwellers are out on the local lakes in motor boats, personal water craft, fishing boats, canoes, kayaks and rafts.  Lake enthusiasts are jumping off docks, sliding into water and pulling skiers. All in all, satisfying summer […]

Ski and Snowboard Accidents

It’s hard to think of an Alberta winter without considering snow sport adventures.  Whether you are skiing or snowboarding, injury can occur.  Unfortunately, the more participants there are on the hill, the more common serious ski injuries are becoming. Skiing injuries can be devastating, and even deadly to victims. Every year,  a handful of skiers are killed […]

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    My lawyer at Robinson LLP “The Recovery Team” provided the knowledge and expertise necessary to achieve a fair and timely settlement. Personal injury issues are complex and time consuming to negotiate; I am grateful to have had Robinson LLP’s representation and would highly recommend them for…
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