Boating Accidents

Can you believe you can get a boat license on line? As summertime swings into full force, many prairie dwellers are out on the local lakes in motor boats, personal water craft, fishing boats, canoes, kayaks and rafts.  Lake enthusiasts are jumping off docks, sliding into water and pulling skiers. All in all, satisfying summer activity. Unfortunately, all of the fun also comes with a certain share of tragedy. Accidents in and around the water can bring the joy of a holiday weekend to an abrupt halt. Many operating watercraft lack experience and know-how, activities take place in unsafe surroundings and alcohol is often a factor. Every injury or death on or around the water brings its own special set of facts and circumstances with it. If you have been injured or if a loved one has died in a boating or water sports accident, compensation may be available. A number of questions need to be addressed:

  1. Was someone else responsible or partly responsible? If the answer to this question is yes, call us. If the answer is unclear, you should still call Robinson LLP and we will help investigate the answer.
  2. Was a liability waiver signed? If so, we would like to see a copy. More often than not, an action is still a possibility.
  3. Is there a pool of insurance to draw from? In most cases, there are insurance policies that cover events that occur on water – anything from the policy covering the watercraft to a homeowner’s policy for a home not even located in the vicinity.

We don’t expect everyone to know the answers to these questions. In helping answer them, we are able to give legal advice as to whether compensation might be available with a viable lawsuit. Don’t make a decision to forfeit compensation until you know what is available in your circumstance. Call Robinson LLP. Let us help you.

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