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If you have been in a car accident, it is important that your health and safety be made a priority before anything else.

We recommend following the steps below if you’ve been involved in a car accident:

1.  Seek medical attention

If you need medical attention, seek it. If you are parked on a busy road, DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE AND WANDER AROUND. Get out of the way of traffic and do not put yourself in danger of being struck by a vehicle on the road!

2. Gather witnesses

Obtain the names of any witnesses to your car accident. Even in a seemingly straightforward situation, stories change. Get the names and contact information of as many witnesses as possible, including passengers in vehicles.

3. Take photos right away

Take photos, if you can. It is best if these can be taken before the vehicles are moved. If there are skid marks or debris on the roadway, it is helpful to photograph that as well.

4. Contact the police

Call the police. Police will either attend the scene or ask you to report the matter at a local station. It is important that the accident is reported, either way.

5. Contact your insurance company

Report the accident to your own insurer.

6. Decline communication with the other driver’s insurance

Do not speak to or provide a statement to the other vehicle’s insurer. You have no obligation to do so as part of your accident claim. That insurance company is adverse in interest to you!

7. Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

The experienced car accident lawyers at Robinson LLP can provide crucial information at an early stage. Contact us for a free consultation.

Visit our car accident page to learn more about the legal side of car accidents (e.g. when to call a lawyer after a car accident, how much a car accident claim can cost, how to deal with insurance companies and more). We’re here to give you all the facts before you proceed.


This article was initially published in October 2013 and updated in April 2019.

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