Unfortunately, your dog biting someone is not the only dog bite liability hazard he creates for you as a pet owner. There are many ways in which a pet can cause injury to friends and neighbours. Over the years, Robinson LLP has represented many injured Plaintiffs who have been injured by wayward animals. Examples include:

  1. Dog attacks – both on the dog owner’s property and off.

In one particular instance, a client attended a home to look at a vehicle for sale. He leaned down to pet a seemingly nice dog tied up to the front porch. The dog leapt up and grabbed him by the face.

  1. Entanglement in the leash of another dog.

For example, we have handled a case in which a dog owner was dragged across a park by his leashed and exuberant hound. The hound was simply trying to play with our client’s dog but the leash wrapped around our client’s feet and pulled her to the ground.

  1. Loose animals on the roadway.

Even though the death of a dog or cat on a roadway is tragic for the pet owner, it is often also tragic for the occupants of the vehicle that strike the animal. Animals should not be loose on roadways at any time! At almost any given time, we are working on cases involving livestock on the road.

  1. Horseback riding incidents.

We have handled innumerable equine related claims. An unfortunate variety of ills may befall the unwary weekend rider.

Of course, confidentiality prevents us from discussing the details of the many animal related claims we have handled in the past. Suffice to say, if you have been injured by a wayward animal, you may well have an opportunity to collect compensation for your injury. If you have ownership or responsibility for animals, make sure your home or farm owner’s liability insurance is in place. If your animal is responsible for someone’s misfortune, you want to ensure that fair compensation is available and you need to protect yourself from a claim.

Accidents occur in unexpected circumstances. Just when we think we have seen everything, Robinson LLP takes a unique, new case. If you have been seriously injured and you don’t believe it is your own fault, contact Robinson LLP for a free consultation. Compensation may be available.

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