Free Legal Advice in Edmonton

How do you get free legal advice in Edmonton?


At Robinson LLP, we work on a contingency fee. That means you don’t pay any fees unless and until we collect money on your behalf.


Before you can decide that we will have a good working relationship and that a lawsuit is going to be in your best interests, we are going to need to communicate with you. That communication may take a variety of forms: voice, email or in person.


We are happy to provide you with basic advice about your potential claim including what your next steps should be.


So, to access this free legal advice in Edmonton today:


  1. Fill in an Inquiry Form. Click “Do I Have a Claim” and “Contact us Now”;
  2. Email any one of our lawyers off this website; or
  3. Call 780-429-1717.


We will be happy to help you.


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    My Robinson LLP lawyer was highly recommended to me as a high end lawyer who gets the job done. I retained Robinson LLP to handle a complicated car accident lawsuit for me where I clearly was not at fault according to the law, but it was not so cut and dry with the insurance companies. My lawyer rea…
    Marion R.

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