legal system following a car accident

You’ve been injured in a car accident and before you even get out of the hospital, the mayhem has already begun. What if you can’t go back to work? How do your work benefits pay? Is there another income source for you? What are Section B Benefits? How do your disability benefits at work and your Section B Benefits interact? Where can you get your car fixed? What if it’s a write-off? Either way, what will you drive? Who is going to shovel the snow? Mow the lawn?  Pick up your groceries? Get the kids to school? How the heck is the mortgage payment going to be made on your disability cheque? Do you need to make a car payment when your car has been written off?

On top of all of this, the very friendly insurance adjuster is calling and asking if they can stop by for a quick discussion as to what happened in the accident. Wait a minute, whose insurer is it? Yours or the at-fault driver’s? Does it matter? What if you and the at-fault driver have the same insurance company?


Getting the money you deserve after a car accident

As soon as you have a potential claim against another driver, an adversarial process has begun.  It is the goal of the at-fault insurer to pay as little as possible. As nice as an insurer may seem, they are not working in your best interests.

Who is? Who can help navigate the challenges of sorting out your available benefits and the myriad of documents that come with the challenges you are facing? Robinson LLP can. We have experienced lawyers available for free consultations and if you decide to hire counsel, we work on Contingency Fees. That means we don’t get paid until you do – because you don’t need any more bills at this time.

Dealing with insurance adjusters

When you are dealing with your own personal crisis, it is easy to forget that you also need to protect yourself legally. The adversarial process that is set in motion by your car accident generally starts before you expect. An insurance adjuster for the at-fault driver is likely to contact you within the first few days…potentially while you are still in the hospital. You may feel that providing your evidence (especially in the form of a written statement) ought to help you, by setting the record straight. Guess what? You are wrong. Remember, that adjuster is employed by the at-fault driver’s insurance company. He or she is not in the business of helping find the facts. He or she is in the business of either eliminating or minimizing the financial exposure of the insurance company. DO NOT GIVE A STATEMENT! Don’t even have contact. Nothing you say that would benefit your position will be quoted later in the process. Anything you say that is potentially negative to your position will be quoted…no matter how small.

How we can help

Following a car accident, there are benefits to having legal counsel at Robinson LLP involved early in the process. We are able to take the stress of being contacted by insurance adjusters off of you. We are able to steer you in a positive direction with respect to your potential lawsuit down the road. The lawyers at Robinson LLP work on a Contingency Fee basis. That means that we get paid once you receive your monetary compensation. Involving us early doesn’t cost extra – take advantage of that!

Take the stress of the legal process out of your life so you can focus on recovery. Insurance companies act quickly to protect their interests, let Robinson LLP protect yours. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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