The Folly of Self-Representation

Recently, I was contacted by an old friend. In fact, she was an intelligent professional who was trying to represent a friend. Well…up until then I had thought she was intelligent… The friend had sustained injuries in an accident almost 2 years prior. I received the call because they were facing a limitation date very shortly. In an attempt to save on legal fees, my old friend had been bending over backwards to supply the at-fault insurance company with information to comply with its every request. No matter what was supplied, it was never enough. Insurance companies are fabulous at helping accident victims blow past their limitation dates. They have gone so far as to book medical examinations after limitations are up—so a poor injured victim gets to a medical waiting room to be told there is no appointment…and no claim.   Insurance companies are also fabulous at getting injured victims to supply information that assists the insurance companies to work against them. Remember, that company is adverse in interest to the injured victim. It does NOT have the injured victim’s best interests in mind; the goal is to minimize its own exposure to the claim.

I feel very confident assuring injured victims that they should have legal advice as early as possible. We work on contingency fees. To hire us early doesn’t cost any more, it just provides the benefit of having continually good management. After over 25 years of practice in this area, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the remark: “I wish I would have called a lawyer instead of trying to handle it myself.” Or:   “I was too worried about paying lawyer fees, but I paid for it in the end.”

Wondering how the team at Robinson LLP can help you? Here’s how:

  • We understand the legal system and help explain your options. We do that from YOUR perspective. Sometimes our advice is to hire us; often it is to wait. Sometimes we even advise that something can be settled on your own. Hear the advice before you decide how to act…
  • In complicated situations, we send investigators or reconstruction engineers to the scene of your accident to collect evidence and interview witnesses. The earlier we have an opportunity to do that, the better the evidence available to the experts.
  • We use our resources to prove legal responsibility.
  • We know how to deal with the insurance companies, so they can’t take advantage of you.
  • We deal with the paperwork – so you don’t have to.
  • We help you understand the legal process. To some degree, we also help you navigate the medical process.
  • We have you assessed by appropriate medical, care and vocational experts so both we and you understand both your injuries AND the ramifications those injuries will have on your life.
  • We fight to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • We will give you peace of mind. We can answer your questions.
  • We have over a CENTURY of specific personal injury experience working for YOU.

Contact Robinson LLP for your free consultation. We would be pleased to assist.

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