Time Limits On Personal Injury Claims

A time limit exists for every potential lawsuit in Alberta.  Very generally speaking, you have 2 years in which to actually file a formal lawsuit for a personal injury claim.  Of course, as is typical with the law, there are innumerable exceptions to that rule.  Robinson LLP works on a contingency fee basis.  That fee is not increased if the firm is hired earlier, rather than later.  It just makes sense to obtain legal advice AS SOON AS YOU ARE AWARE YOU MIGHT HAVE A PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM.  We can provide information regarding the time available to you to commence an accident claim as well as other invaluable information necessary for you to determine if, and when, you should consider retaining counsel.

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    My Robinson LLP lawyer was highly recommended to me as a high end lawyer who gets the job done. I retained Robinson LLP to handle a complicated car accident lawsuit for me where I clearly was not at fault according to the law, but it was not so cut and dry with the insurance companies. My lawyer rea… Read more
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