Common Questions

When should I call an injury lawyer?

Call us right now. Many innocent people make serious mistakes during the early stages of a personal injury claim that can be impossible to undo later. Insurance companies know that! That’s why it’s so important to get an experienced lawyer on your side right away.

Find out your rights and obligations BEFORE you speak to an insurance adjuster who is working for the other side. Contact Robinson LLP or one of our Edmonton injury lawyers directly for a free consultation so you can make the RIGHT choices.

How long will the litigation take?

The length of time it takes to successfully conclude your case depends on your health. We cannot accurately assess your damages until you are either better or we know you will be left with lasting effects. A permanent disability is not usually stable for 18 to 24 months post-injury. It is only at that point that we can send you for assessment with the appropriate experts to allow us to understand how your ongoing problems are going to affect your career, family and personal life. We need an accurate picture of all the effects your accident has caused and how it impacts your life before we can resolve your claim. Remember, you only have one chance to settle!

Do all cases go to trial?

As trial lawyers, we love to take cases to trial; however, the vast majority settle prior to actually getting to the Courthouse.

Is my personal information going to be part of the process?

Your medical and other history often forms part of your claim. That’s why it’s so important to choose a lawyer you can easily talk to and feel comfortable with.

What will I do for income before my case settles?

We will help you access ongoing, no-fault benefits from your own insurance company.

Who pays for disbursements?

We initially pay for disbursements. You pay us back when your case is resolved.

Have more questions?

If you still have questions, our friendly team would be happy to speak with you. We offer free consultations so give us a call today!

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    I was very pleased with the action that was taken on my behalf by Robinson LLP. My lawyer came to the hospital and guided me through the legal process. She returned phone calls and promptly answered my questions. The team made me feel that I really mattered. I was pleased with the outcome of my case… Read more
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