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Disability Claims

Disability Claims If you have been injured and cannot work, but your disability claim was denied by the insurance company, it is important to speak to a disability insurance lawyer immediately. Often, insurance companies deny claims because they do not fully understand (or believe) certain diagnoses such as chronic pain or psychological injuries, or they […]

Misdiagnosis and Missed Diagnosis Cases

Most interactions with the medical profession are positive and professional. Unfortunately, when you are the victim of poor medical treatment or diagnostics, the results can be catastrophic. Medical negligence cases may stem from almost any kind of interaction with the medical community that leads to an unexpected or poor result. Two of the most common […]

Doctor Errors & Negligence

Doctor Errors and Negligence – Trust Your Instincts Do you just have a feeling that something went wrong? That a doctor’s errors or negligence have been the cause of undue pain and suffering? Very often, your instinct is right and those responsible should be held accountable. We’ll help you decide if your case is worth […]

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Claims Have you heard that damages in Alberta wrongful death cases are limited by a statute? That is true. But when someone passes away because of negligent actions, a spouse or dependent may be entitled to a wrongful death settlement beyond this limitation. At Robinson LLP, our wrongful death lawyers have the experience […]

Spinal & Brain Injury

Spinal and Brain Injuries Money can’t buy happiness or health, but it can improve the quality of life for injury victims who have suffered a brain or spinal cord injury in Alberta as the result of someone else’s negligence. With our combined decades of experience in injury law, we’ve seen this firsthand – the devastation […]

Dog & Animal Bites

Experienced Dog Bite Injury Lawyers When a dog or other animal causes harm to you or a family member, you may be entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering caused by those injuries. Animal accidents can include bites, attacks or injuries that result from being knocked down by a loose animal. What Steps Should […]

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are common in Alberta. There are many hazards that can cause slip and fall injuries and this type of accident should not be taken lightly. The resulting injuries sustained and impact on your livelihood may be compensable. What Qualifies as a Slip and Fall Accident? Incidents that are considered slip and […]

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