If you have been injured and cannot work, but your disability claim was denied by the insurance company, it is important to speak to a disability insurance lawyer immediately.

Often, insurance companies deny claims because they do not fully understand (or believe) certain diagnoses such as chronic pain or psychological injuries, or they have sent you for an examination that states you can return to work or do more work than your own medical professionals have recommended.

The insurance company’s decision is usually unfair and takes advantage of the fact that you don’t have the expertise or ability to fight them to reinstate your disability benefits.

The reality is, however, that these claims can be disputed. You can be awarded damages for breach of contract, including the past payments the insurance was supposed to pay. You may also be entitled to a “declaration of disability” — so that the insurance company cannot discontinue the payments again without proof that something has changed since the declaration was granted.

In fact, you may also be entitled to claim aggravated damages if the denial of benefits has caused you severe mental and emotional injury, or punitive damages if the insurance company has acted against their duty of good faith.

Choosing a Disability Lawyer in Edmonton

If your insurance claim was denied for your disability coverage, contact the Robinson LLP personal injury team immediately for a free consultation with a disability claims lawyer to help to get your benefits reinstated.

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