Most interactions with the medical profession are positive and professional. Unfortunately, when you are the victim of poor medical treatment or diagnostics, the results can be catastrophic. Medical negligence cases may stem from almost any kind of interaction with the medical community that leads to an unexpected or poor result. Two of the most common “mistakes” we see are misdiagnoses and missed diagnoses.


At Robinson LLP, we understand that a doctor’s misdiagnosis can stem from incomplete testing, diagnostic errors in the interpretation of test results, overworked medical professionals or simply human mistakes. We’re not making excuses for the personal injury that this can cause. With our collective decades of experience, we’ve seen it all. We’ve also seen the horrific impact medical misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis has had on countless victims and their families.

Missed Diagnosis

Other common cases that we fight for are missed diagnoses. All too often, repeated complaints patients make to their health care professionals are dismissed or ignored. When the medical condition is finally recognized, it has caused significant damage or it is too late to repair. When missed diagnoses cause long-term suffering, impact one’s ability to work, lead to more serious illness or injuries or even cause the death of a family member, you should seek legal advice.

Our Edmonton Lawyers Want to Help

If you have suffered unnecessarily because a doctor fails to recognize a critical diagnosis or has misdiagnosed a serious condition or illness, we want to hear your story. Contact one of our misdiagnosis lawyers today and we’ll tell you if we think you have a medical malpractice claim.

“It’s important doctors in Alberta understand they are accountable for the decisions they make.”
– Carol Robinson

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