Slip & Fall Accidents

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Slip and fall accidents are common in Alberta. There are many hazards that can cause slip and fall injuries and this type of accident should not be taken lightly. The resulting injuries sustained and impact on your livelihood may be compensable.

What Qualifies as a Slip and Fall Accident?

Incidents that are considered slip and fall accidents include:

  • Falling on a slippery surface
  • Tripping over an object
  • Falling into a hole

These accidents commonly occur in parking lots, on sidewalks, and inside buildings with slippery or wet floors.

What Should I Do After the Fall?

After a slip and fall accident, it is important to take the following these three steps to strengthen your case and increase your chance of receiving proper compensation:

  1. Take a photo
  2. Gather witness contact information
  3. Contact the personal injury lawyers at Robinson LLP

Should I Make a Slip and Fall Accident Claim?

If you have suffered a serious injury following a fall, the decision to take action largely depends on whether someone is responsible for your injury. Determining fault can be complicated but typically, liability falls onto one of the following four individuals/organizations:

  1. Property owners
  2. Snow removal/Property maintenance companies
  3. Homeowners
  4. The victim

As with all accidents, the only way for us to decide if we think you have a case is to hear the details of your situation. The sooner you contact Robinson LLP, the sooner we can assess the situation and give our expert opinion.

Slip and Fall Lawyers in Edmonton

Not surprisingly, most slip and fall claims in Alberta are connected to snow and ice; however, the team of personal injury lawyers at Robinson LLP have also successfully represented clients in these slip and fall settlements:

  • Falls on unsafe stairwells
  • Injuries resulting from unsafe treads and handles
  • Unadvised drop-offs
  • Improper warning signs
  • Lack of fencing
  • Store owner used kitty litter for traction on ice
  • Dangerous animals at large

Having access to experts in all industries will help your case immensely – and we are well connected! We can arrange for the testing of surfaces by measuring friction coefficients, track down sweep logs and invest whatever resources are required to resolve your claim. Our goal is to allow you to focus on your recovery while we provide support and expertise. Since we work on a contingency fee basis, you don’t pay a fee unless (and until) we secure a settlement of judgement in your favour.

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