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When an accident – caused by someone else’s negligence – turns your life upside down, you often have to deal with a great deal of emotional turmoil, as well as physical pain. Insurance claims and investigations, medical tests, procedures and reports, police involvement and more can pull you deep into the confusing and intimidating legal system as insurance companies scurry to protect their own interests.

The compassionate personal injury lawyers at Robinson LLP are here to help. Our experienced team is prepared to be an advocate for your rights and level the playing field against sophisticated insurance companies.

Our expertise spans all of these personal injury areas and more:

To Our Personal Injury Attorneys, You’re More Than a Statistic

Over 18,000 people are injured in automobile accidents every year in Alberta. Sadly, 300 people are killed. At Robinson LLP, we want to ensure that you are not just another statistic.

We Don’t Cut Corners. We Won’t Back Down from a Tough Fight

When the personal injury lawyers at Robinson LLP makes a commitment to represent you, we will invest the financial and legal resources needed to resolve your claim. Let us tackle the legal challenges so you can focus on what matters most – your recovery!

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    My Robinson LLP lawyer was highly recommended to me as a high end lawyer who gets the job done. I retained Robinson LLP to handle a complicated car accident lawsuit for me where I clearly was not at fault according to the law, but it was not so cut and dry with the insurance companies. My lawyer rea…
    Marion R.

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