Slip and Fall on Ice and Snow


Ice and Snow often mean slip and fall injuries

Proving liability in slip and fall cases can be difficult. When pursuing a slip and fall injury claim, you have to show that the person in control of the area where you fell is at fault. If you fall over your own untied shoe laces, you may not have a claim because the person in charge of the premises is not in charge of your shoes.  Each case is decided on its own facts.  Success in these cases is likely dependent on a proper investigation of the facts. As your lawyer, Robinson LLP must understand the law that governs your case and be able to appropriately investigate the facts of your slip and fall so that liability can be proved.

If you have fallen and you are able, PLEASE take a photo.  Cell phones allow immediate access to the best possible evidence we can garner.  If you are not able to take an immediate photo, as soon as someone is able to get back to the site, that should be done.  Once the area has been shoveled, salted or sanded, the picture won’t be particularly helpful.   If there is a witness, you should try very hard to get their contact information.  Eye witness accounts of the condition of the ground can be very helpful to your case.  In addition, your lawyer at Robinson LLP will, if need be, hire the appropriate expert to determine issues such as “slip coefficient” and whether adequate snow and ice removal, handrails and yard slope were present.  The earlier in the process you allow us to get started, the better chance we will have of proving your claim.

Our personal injury lawyers have over well over 100 years of combined experience pursuing personal injury claims, including slip and fall claims. There aren’t many circumstances we haven’t already seen.  We know the law and have the experience needed to pursue even very difficult claims.

We are proud of the difference we have made in the lives of our many past clients who have been severely injured by falling on ice and snow.

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